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y do flipnute hetana nu wurk
Started by AlexAlmighty
(2016-08-05 05:31:44)
SMOGamerX (2016-08-06 21:08:23)
Well in the video about the flipnote studio 3D that was going to be released, they said that they will be closing down the flipnote hantena. The 3DS verson hasn't been released due to the problem of swapnote. They kinda did but you can get it from ClubNintendo/MyNintendo but they didn't have the flipnote hantena sadly, but what you can do is that you can get some flipnotes from the DSi into the 3DS but you have to do the ID number thing. Very disappointing right?
AlexAlmighty (2016-08-14 01:59:23)
nu. i onlee wunna knu y flepnut hetana nu wurk. eye miss mi chatrumz
I'm Alex Almighty.

That's about it.
HeadshotHero255 (2017-01-15 05:59:36)
You can get it by going to settings in dsi and then go to internet. find your connection and click change settings. now tap proxy setup and detailed setup. enter for the adress and 80 for the port now you can use flipnote hatena
bork boof bork bork
ControllerFreak (2017-02-19 16:05:58)
What he said. And if you ever need the internet back up unfiltered, go edit your connection, turn Proxy to off. Don't worry, the proxy will be still saved.
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brandoin (2017-05-13 00:39:49)
QueenMerci (2017-06-12 02:38:54)
omg i wunder same thing why dosent hetana wurk anymor
XO 'til we overdose.
Reny (2019-02-15 16:37:20)
yeah the hatena doesn't work since 2013.However, the hatena sucked,so......that's it!
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